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ESCOKIDOS is a program designed to provide culturally sensitive child abuse prevention services (CAPS) to families that have been identified by other organizations and/or the community, as needing these interventions. We are a recognized 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt, non-profit corporation.

ESCOKIDOS receives referrals from these organizations, requesting specific services that could provide the families with the necessary tools to prevent the children from growing up in an abusive environment. These services are geared primarily toward Hispanic families that may be struggling to acculturate into a challenging, fast-paced society that demands full awareness and immersion to better provide their children with basic concepts of safety and protection. These services and interventions are determined initially based on child abuse trends described in national and regional data found in public records.

ESCOKIDOS works with partners across the northern region of San Diego County to identify families and their needs, in order to provide necessary preventive child abuse interventions and services. As a former Child Protective Services Supervisor for the County of San Diego, as well as having been a Social Services Manager and Director for nonprofit organizations, the Executive Director of ESCOKIDOS is familiar with the needs of the community and the gaps that currently exist in the field of child abuse prevention.

ESCOKIDOS conducts screenings to determine whether the referred families might benefit from our preventive services.  Should the families’ needs require interventions beyond the preventive scope of our agency, appropriate referrals will be generated to other agencies to support the families in their current circumstances. When a family is accepted into our program, a case worker is assigned to help map out their needs, thereby creating a conjoint plan to tailor a personalized intervention. The duration of services provided is three months, with possible extensions contingent upon the family’s progress, level of engagement, and assessment of ongoing needs. Although services are best suited for face-to-face contact, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, services can be provided “virtually” (online) and/or in person in safe, open spaces, such as parks. Interventions are financed by government grants and private donations while following privacy and confidentiality standards, including, but not limited to, the Child Abuse Reporting Law and any other applicable federal mandates.


ESCOKIDOS maintains financial and client specific records (data) in secure, encrypted systems in compliance with HIPPA and reporting party confidentiality laws and regulations. Additionally, quality assurance assessments are conducted at specific intervals to determine the efficacy of the services provided and the program overall.


ESCOKIDOS works in the designated Escondido zip codes (unincorporated and incorporated areas). Occasionally ESCOKIDOS can take on families who reside within a 20 miles radius from Escondido proper.  ESCOKIDOS will not work with families that have previous open Juvenile Court cases with Child Welfare Services or the Juvenile Probation Department, more than two police interventions (excluding calls for service), and/or families who have been deemed uncooperative by the referring party (schools, clinics, churches, social service agencies). Appropriate referrals to alternate providers will be generated as needed.


Feel free to contact us regarding qualifying criteria or how to become a partner.

For more information contact Tati Rosenborg at




To contribute to the creation of a society in which children are given a fair opportunity to grow in a safe environment, free from child abuse.

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