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Tatiana Rosenborg

Ms. Tatiana Rosenborg has a bachelor’s degree in Education from Universidad de Costa Rica and a master’s degree in Human Behavior from National University. Ms. Rosenborg has over 25 years in the field of social work, beginning as a Mental Health Specialist for the Escondido Youth Encounter (EYE) in Escondido. Since then, she has held various positions in Child Welfare Services, going from Social Worker to Supervisor and Liaison for the entire county. Upon early retirement, she managed a group home for minor victims of human trafficking, offered consulting services for social services agencies, and directed the social service division for an international human trafficking program. Ms. Rosenborg shares the realization of many service providers when it comes to the need for having culturally adequate child abuse prevention interventions that reflect the cultural identity intricately linked to our Hispanic families. Because of her understanding of the need for these services, she and her husband decided to create ESCOKIDOS, a program for the prevention of child abuse, using the lens primarily of immigrant Hispanic families.


Richard Rosenborg

Mr. Richard Rosenborg is a graduate of Portland State University (PSU) with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He took a position with the Psychology Department at the University of Nevada Reno (UNR), working on a project that sought to teach sign language to chimpanzees. He then moved to San Diego and spent seventeen years working with Child Welfare Services (CWS), obtaining progressively higher levels of responsibility, beginning as a Social Worker, and eventually retiring as a Protective Services Supervisor. Although Mr. Rosenborg is not of Hispanic heritage, he grew up in Mexico and is therefore completely bilingual and bicultural. In fact, Spanish was his first language, having not learned English until the age of eight. During his career at CWS, 95% of his cases involved Spanish-speaking families, many of them not yet fully acculturated into American society. Since retirement, he has collaborated with his wife to create ESCOKIDOS with the hope of continuing the important work of preventing child abuse in all its forms, by providing meaningful and constructive interventions at the appropriate time, before abuse occurs.


Juanita Venegas

Ms. Venegas is a graduate of SDSU with a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in social work with an emphasis in child abuse/neglect.  She has 18 years of experience working at Child Welfare Services in San Diego County.  In 2019, the County of San Diego’s Child Welfare Services recognized her as “Social Worker of the Year” and she was the recipient of the Jay Hoxie award. This award is reserved for social workers who have demonstrated an outstanding disposition to go above and beyond the regular duties of a rather high demanding job. Ms. Venegas was an active participant on many committees related to improving social work practice and morale among the workforce. Ms. Venegas is known as a knowledgeable and approachable social worker who often was placed in leadership roles to guide and mold new social workers who joined the Child Welfare Services agency. Ms. Venegas served as a field instructor to multiple San Diego State interns who subsequently had her to thank for their commitment and dedication to the profession. She has been an inspiration to new and seasoned workers alike by adhering to the SW code of ethics and placing the families at the center of her everyday interventions. Ms. Venegas is a native Hispanic San Diegan who understands the struggles endured by many immigrant families going through an arid acculturation process while trying to provide for the basic needs of their families. 

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Mercedes Aguilar

Mercedes Aguilar is a North County native. She was born in Escondido, grew up in San Marcos and moved to Escondido in 1981. Ms. Aguilar attended and graduated from Palomar College and California State University, San Marcos. She has worked for the Escondido Elementary School District for 20 years supporting district families and their children with a special attention to maintaining a connection with the families of English learners. In Escondido, the majority of those families are Spanish speaking families. Working with the families has not only been rewarding, but it has inspired Ms. Aguilar to want to serve them as they work to handle the demands of surviving economically in a challenging situation, of making sure their children succeed academically and of maintaining strong family relationships. She is especially interested in helping parents and children maintain a nurturing and loving relationship grounded on a deep respect for the dignity of one another. Mercedes Aguilar is not only grateful, humbled, and blessed to be the daughter of Ignacio and Evangelina Aguilar who taught her the value of faith, family and education, but also to be the mother of Adrianna Aguilar who everyday teaches her how to love unconditionally.

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Clarissa Moreno

Clarissa Moreno is dedicated advocate for undeserved women, leveraging her background in electromechanical engineering to empower communities. Graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Electromechanical Engineering, Clarissa's passion for technology and community development intersect seamlessly in her role as a Patient Services Manager. 


In her current position, Clarissa works tirelessly to address the material needs of underserved women in the community, ensuring they have access to essential resources and support to improve their situations. Her commitment to serving others has earned her recognition for her leadership and compassionate approach to community outreach. 

Clarissa brings a unique blend of technical expertise and compassionate advocacy to the table. She is dedicated to leveraging her skills and experience to drive positive change and support initiatives that promote equality, empowerment, and opportunity for all. 

Soila Vega

Ms. Soila Vega is a first generation Mexican American born in Escondido, grew up, studied and continues to live with her family in San Marcos.  She received a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Spanish, BCLAD teaching credential from Cal State University. She also has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a PPS counseling credential from National University. Ms. Vega has been in education for 28 years and is currently teaching in a dual language school in San Marcos Unified School District.  She has been an elementary school teacher teaching grades from TK to 4th grade, at-risk specialist, and teacher/parent liaison. Soila always knew she wanted to be in education and inspire other latino students to love education and pursue a college education.  Her passion has been to educate families about the educational system and how to best help their children succeed. 

Maria Moreno

Maria is an accomplished Chief Executive Officer, bringing expertise in business planning, revenue development, and change management. Offering 35 + years’ experience in healthcare, she has entrepreneurial experience, a forward-thinking mindset and a demonstrated track record of achievement and community support. She brings an array of multiple skills to the ESCOKIDOS team, including experience in Front Office/Back Office/Medical Assistant with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Maria is skilled in receptionist duties, insurance verification, phone etiquette, Venipuncture, and data entry. Strong healthcare services professional with an AA and a certificate focused on medical assisting. Her bicultural and bilingual background keeps her centered on the needs and struggles experienced by the Hispanic community in San Diego’s North County, thereby making her a great ally in the fight against Child Abuse in our area.

Valeria Hernandez

Welcoming our newest case manager to ESCOKIDOS! Valeria's academic background and experience working in social services addressing child abuse and domestic violence has informed her passions to work with youth and families in child abuse prevention. Her past experience includes helping traumatized children and their families understand multiple systems and prioritizing their well-being as they navigate different resources. In her personal time, Valeria is continuing her education in child abuse and how trauma impacts children and families.


Estrella Rendon

Welcoming our newest Social Media Consultant to ESCOKIDOS. Estrella's Social media skills will help document our journey here at ESCOKIDOS. In doing so she will help spread our message of child abuse prevention. Estrella is contributing her love of content creation to bring awareness and continue to be a voice for people in our community. 

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